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Koornwinder Convention. Grand Hotel Amsterdam, 2010

TV-show 'Anno Joosten' 1995

Circles of Knowledge Conference
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Throughout her career as a global market analyst, Herma Koornwinder gave numerous warnings, both in the media and at conferences and seminars on what the budding diginomie would mean for the banking and investment industry.

Digitale -Tijdperk - Taal
Het Financieele Dagblad

Digital Talk
As we approach the digital era,
optimism breaks through.
The fear of losing jobs,
soon pushed aside but no I’m wrong

The digital era can’t be stopped
As it arises from sheer ingenuity
It speaks of renewal and vision,
As it shows creative reality

Centuries ago, seamen, traders, pioneers,
have wrought a Golden Age.
Today, people pioneering the digital era,
will bring about another Golden Age.

But society and politics have to grasp,
the essentials of the new reality.
Which don’t suit old wisdom,
But need new perceptions and vision

Teaching has to learn,
to track the pioneers.
Trade too has to adapt,
then it will be okay.

“We are going to get a Flash Economy”
Investment advisor Koornwinder predicts enormous changes

De Gooi- en Eemlander

Herma Koornwinder: “The world is changing, and investing is changing with it as are investment theories. And this will only accelerate in the new millennium.” The financial establishment is, unavailingly, shrinking from it, as it sees its generous income being threatened.

The high-tech world of the digital era, by some dismissed as an overstrained hype, provides the tools of the new millennium, Koornwinder believes. “One can trade and do business any time, at any place, even with a laptop on the heath. Electronic trade, e-trade or e-commerce is the future. Computers will take over the thinking processes, as is already happing in the US. White-collar activities will be taken over by computers.”

".......We need to try to forget old knowledge and purge our head for the new era. We are being hit by a tidal wave. The economy is changing. We will have a flash economy.”

We need people with courage and creativity, people who are willing to stick their necks out,” is something that Koornwinder wants to shout from the rooftops. “We have two e-commerce professors in the Netherlands, and we should have hundreds. Our policymakers are people above 50,” she says, referring to “the adorable bumbling” with the computer mouse of Prime Minister Kok, who mistook the device for a remote control.
      Koornwinder foresees so many changes in the “diginomy” that she believes there should be a ministry of ICT. "Preferably with Roel Pieper as minister. The dot-commers, cyber minds, whizz-kids, e-traders, etc., are up now.” She compares the current high-tech landslides with the discovery of the light bulb which changed society and life. People were no longer restricted to working during daytime, they could work in the factory when it was dark outside. "New insights from this moment need to be given a chance. After all, the computer has the same function as the clay tablet once did in a way.”

Investor of the 21st century is an e-trader
Dagblad Zaanstreek

Flash economy
Herma Koornwinder has high expectations of the young, who have the privilege of growing up with computers. “Give any 10-year-old a computer, and he will work miracles. Just wait until the Nintendo generation takes the floor. We need to try to forget old knowledge and purge our head for the new era. We are being hit by a tidal wave. The economy is changing. We will have a flash economy.

Investing on the crest of a wave According to Herma Koornwinder: diginomy catches up with old models
Het Financieele Dagblad

According to the investment expert from Brabant province in the Netherlands, people fail to make appropriate use of all the possibilities that computer science provides us with, thanks to artificial intelligence: “The spread of computerization, the move from industrial society to knowledge- based society, i.e. diginomics, has consequences similar to those we saw when we changed from an agricultural society to an industrial economy. We seriously need to take this into account.”

According to Koornwinder, traditional investment models are being undermined by the increase in computer-controlled investment activities that will be the medium in the upcoming era of computerization and computer science: “At present, the spread of risk in index investments is still a static truth. However, with information flashing back and forth around the globe like lightning, it is much easier, faster and more effective to detect investment options the world over. Why should one still invest in gold or bonds when there are other options elsewhere waiting to be picked up?”