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Koornwinder Convention. Grand Hotel Amsterdam, 2010

TV-show 'Anno Joosten' 1995

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Marlborough College 2011

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Ministry of ICT

Throughout her career as a global market analyst, Herma Koornwinder emphasized in the media and during lectures and seminars, the urgent need for a Ministry of ICT in the Netherlands to lead the implications of the then upcoming digital revolution in the right direction

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The digital age and its “emerging sciences of complexity’ is already casting its shadow forward over our society. In the not too distant future economics students will no longer be able to rely on what they were taught and will have to find their own way on the “electronic highway” and in a subject matter so extensive, complex and interdependent that the human mind can hardly begin to grasp it.

Furthermore, I would like to make an appeal for:
  • A Ministry for Information Science and Technology.

  • Observers and spotters who scour the world in search of new possibilities (similar to purchasers of department stores).

  • TV programmes and special newspaper pages about new developments in the area of information technology in order to spread the message widely and limit the chances of reinventing the wheel.

  • National and regional advice centres to support high-tech and “new knowledge” pioneers.

  • A yearly event where high-tech starters and “new knowledge” pioneers can present their knowledge and expertise.

  • Faster acceptance and integration of the “new knowledge”.

We are leaving the industrial era to enter into the digital era; the era of knowledge and information technology. We have the opportunity to take our thinking to a higher level and accelerate our actions, resulting in unimagined possibilities. This would, however, mean seizing the opportunities the information era offers. And not only the Deloitte & Touche report shows there are plenty of opportunities, more very good results were achieved later on, as the example below shows.

Computers have quickly caught up with time-honoured investment profundities
Leeuwarder Courant

Koornwinder thinks that, as computers and new complex sciences become more and more important, our society will become one in which one mouse click can have serious consequences. Monotonous manual work and routine thinking will be placed under one button on the keyboard of the computer.

This means that high-tech will not just make people unemployed, but many people will not even be able to complete education for the new high-tech jobs. According to Koornwinder, way too little attention is paid to this development. “Why is there no minister of information technology? For the average citizen, things will become way too complex.”

Together with rapid ageing of the population, high-tech unemployment is casting its shadows forward, she believes, and it will result in large costs for society. According to Koornwinder, investment experts can contribute to a solution. “We should not simply collect it from the citizen. There are huge savings of pension premiums amounting to almostƒ800 billion. If, with a better control of the risk, one additional percent of return on investment is realised, the pension premiums can be lowered 15%.”

Investor of the 21st century is an e-trader
Dagblad Zaanstreek

Koornwinder foresees so many changes in the “diginomy” that she believes there should be a ministry of ICT.