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Koornwinder Convention. Grand Hotel Amsterdam, 2010

TV-show 'Anno Joosten' 1995

Circles of Knowledge Conference
Marlborough College 2011

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Digital alerts

During and after her career as a global market analyst, Herma Koornwinder issued many alerts in the media, and during talks she gave at conferences and seminars, about the impending ‘digital revolution’ and its major implications for the financial world. These extracts from the financial press date from 1993 to 2003.

Active management certainly has a future: Groundbreaking theory for financial markets
Beleggers Belangen

‘Today’s computer-controlled buy and sell behaviour can and should not just be approached based on annual report analysis, acquisition rumours and hunches. Advanced instruments are required. After all, you cannot discover the secrets of the universe using just binoculars, you need a super telescope. If the investor wants to survive in the ‘software economy’ he needs to be aware of this.’

’Investment of public money generates too little return’: ’Stock market guru’ Herma Koornwinder is often right
Brabants Dagblad

‘We are entering the era of the knowledge technology, the time of artificial intelligence. I am convinced that the results of other people’s explorations will have as much trouble finding willing ears as mine are having.’

Spotlight on women and technology, ‘A remarkable woman in the world of investments: Herma Koornwinder’
Brochure Kijk op vrouw en techniek

Herma did not hesitate to go along the electronic highway and introduce all its benefits and possibilities into her work and she is convinced that anyone who wants to be good in this business simply needs to work with this phenomenon.

Innovation investment models required: Analyst Koornwinder pleads for renewal
Eindhovens Dagblad

Koornwinder feels it is about time that banks realise they need to start innovating in order to perform well consistently. ‘The traditional work method no longer suffices. We are entering the era of knowledge technology: we can move our way of thinking into higher gear. Old laws and regulations are overruled.’

Self-made stock market guru has solution for pensions: Koornwinder sees possibilities for better fund returns
Arnhemse Courant

Her secret? Making optimal use of modern knowledge technology. With the help of digitized techniques she scans the entire world to paint a complete picture of the current state of affairs.

'Stocktendo' era: Upcoming financial trends scanned using advanced computer and information technology
Trends – Cash

Binoculars remain untouched, digital super-telescopes are used. In 1995, Herma and her followers are already using the investment technology of the 21st century. The introduction of the electronic highway so as to make optimal use of the investment cycles. A remarkable story.

Lesson for pension giants: Investment expert develops very lucrative method
Utrechts Nieuwsblad

It is what Koornwinder calls the financial revolution. ‘Most investors and banks use obsolete models. They are still talking about the electronic highway, whereas I am already travelling the electronic skyway on the internet. But they are afraid to do so, it scares them … Most economics students are being taught old methods which no longer apply. In the industrial era, we worked with raw materials. Nowadays knowledge is the basic material.’

KGMN makes active investing possible
Management Info

‘The electronic highway, electronic investing, the digitisation of the financial world, the hedge funds and the use of derivatives, are part of the reason why the cash flows are laser-beaming through the financial universe. These cash flows can no longer be analysed using the traditional methodologies, which is why people are often wrong and unable to outperform the index concerned.’

Interview with Mrs Herma Koornwinder, Dutch stock market guru

‘The Netherlands should not let the threatening international tidal wave of knowledge technology drown it. We need to play a leading role in the financial field in the Digital Century we currently live in, just like we did in the Golden Age with our ships.’

The zapping investor is emerging
Algemeen Dagblad

‘We are on the threshold of a completely different investment world,’ says investment consultant Herma Koornwinder of KGMN consultancy from the Dutch town of Heeze. ‘Call it “Stocktendo”. Playing pinball with the buttons, as on a game computer.’

Herma Koornwinder, a Cassandra in a digital world?

After the introduction of agriculture in prehistory and the industrial revolution in the 19th century, the introduction of the computer in the mid 20th century meant a new mega-development. According to Herma, we are now on the verge of the fourth mega-trend: the digital community in which current information is available anywhere in the world at any time through the electronic highway. The mutual interdependence of factors will significantly increase. That is why, in Herma’s professional field, it is important to have a wider scientific insight into the cohesion of factors. With that, she beats the stock market indexes and predicts breakthroughs and turning points on the international financial markets.

'The investment industry needs to change’,
Beleggers Belangen

‘We are entering the digital era, which enables us to think faster and at a higher level. Thanks to this new knowledge, we are able to better understand why a market is not moving the way ‘one’ expects.’

Investing: intuition or institution?
Erasmus University Rotterdam, Pecunia Forum and Magazine

‘We are leaving the industrial era to enter into the digital era; the era of knowledge and information technology. We have the opportunity to take our thinking to a higher level and accelerate our actions, resulting in unimagined possibilities. This would, however, mean seizing the opportunities the information era offers.’

The ‘Happening’ signals the beginning of spring
De Tijd (Belgium)

Mrs Koornwinder … foresees a ‘revolution on the financial markets’ which will be caused by the advancement of the electronic highway.

Rabobank Groningen and Environs provides insight into investments
Own edition Rabobank

What makes the analysis method of Mrs H Koornwinder so unique? Put simply, it is because she introduces techniques of the 21st century into the 20th century. In contradiction to most investment consultants, she optimally uses the possibilities of the electronic highway. In her analyses, she makes use of topical information from all around the world. In addition, her method differs from the ‘traditional’ work method because it not only takes into account financial and economic factors but also hard-to-translate elements of natural science, philosophy and mass psychology.

The dissident vision of Herma Koornwinder

The digital era and the high-tech unemployment resulting therefrom are subjects with which she is preoccupied. The impact of advanced automation, in combination with the rise of artificial intelligence, will be much more dramatic than that of old age, according to Koornwinder, which does not just mean great social consequences, but also consequences for her investment strategy …’It is not that people refuse to accept my ideas, it is just that they are happy with what they have got. But we are on the threshold of the 21st century; let us use the tools of the time.’

For sale, an (almost) infallible system!

Cyberspace in Heeze ... Her success has earned her the nickname ‘the investment miracle of Heeze’, but she does not want to have anything to do with such nonsense. ‘I have investigated the investment craft, which theories do and which do not work, plus, I’m analysing facts.’ That might be the big difference between her and the traditional investment analysts. While they were fixated on annual reports of companies, she collected relevant stock market information from cyberspace, using her computer.

1999 autumn
Outdated knowledge equals impotence
S@fe (Robeco)

‘In the button era of the 21st century, the computer illiterates will most certainly lose out to the Nintendo generation,’ she predicts. ‘They will no longer accept the passive investment method.’

Waiting for the Nintendo generation. Investment advisor Koornwinder: 'We need people with courage'
Dagblad Rivierenland

The high-tech world of the digital era, by some dismissed as an overstrained hype, provides the tools of the new millennium, Koornwinder believes. ‘One can trade and do business any time, at any place, even with a laptop on the heath. Electronic trade, e-trade or e-commerce is the future. Computers will take over the thinking processes, as is already happening in the US … Just wait until the Nintendo generation takes the floor. We need to try to forget old knowledge and purge our head for the new era. We are being hit by a tidal wave. The economy is changing. We will have a flash economy.’

Investor of the 21st century is an e-trader: Koornwinder foresees digital flash economy
Dagblad Zaanstreek

The high-tech world of the digital era, by some dismissed as an overstrained hype, provides the tools of the new millennium, Koornwinder believes. ‘One can trade and do business any time, at any place, even with a laptop on the heath. Electronic trade, e-trade or e-commerce is the future. Computers will take over the thinking processes. White-collar activities will be taken over by computers.'
.....Koornwinder foresees so many changes in the 'diginomy' that she believes there should be a ministry of ICT: 'The dot-commers, cyber-minds, whizz-kids, e-traders, etc, are up now.'

Investing on the crest of a wave
Het Financieele Dagblad

‘The spread of computerization, the move from industrial society to knowledge-based society, ie, diginomics, has consequences similar to those we saw when we changed from an agricultural society to an industrial economy. We seriously need to take this into account.’

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