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Press release 2000

Deepening and expansion of my research

Since 1998, after working as an investment consultant for a number of years, I have devoted myself entirely to academic research. Frequently in my life, I have taken time out in order to examine and understand new developments. The conclusions that I draw from this research have allowed me to further optimise my investment system. In my indicators, I include more than just financial and economic data. In contrast to the established, traditional order, I also consider that components of the natural sciences play a huge role.

There are also times at which significant attention must be paid to elements of psychology. This is another area that people are reluctant to pay attention to. All of these factors mean that my analysis system is particularly complex. It also may be necessary to monitor adjustment of the constituent parts of my models for compliance with the spirit of the times. I therefore devote a significant amount of time to this, especially at crucial moments.

The millennium was an example of this kind of critical phase. I investigated the accuracy of my adjustments from every angle. I will therefore not allow myself to be simply brushed aside. I cannot go on talking about old patterns without paying focused attention to necessary – and often obvious – adjustments. I am currently writing up my conclusions, and the results of a number of studies will also be published.