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Koornwinder Convention. Grand Hotel Amsterdam, 2010

TV-show 'Anno Joosten' 1995

Circles of Knowledge Conference
Marlborough College 2011

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21st Century

During and after her career as a global market analyst, Herma Koornwinder gave numerous warnings, both in the media and at conferences and seminars on the need for the Netherlands to be prepared for the next flash economy in the digital age of the 21st century.

KGMN makes active investing possible
Management Info

She continues: ‘I always say that I am selling the results of a 21st century system. My analyses are based on a completely different thinking pattern. I do not walk the beaten track. It is a matter of: which questions do you ask to reach the right vision? It is my advantage that we are on the threshold of the era of knowledge technology. ‘Its possibilities are immense. Since I was not burdened with all kinds of wisdoms, I was able to look at things from a fresh perspective without any heritage: original thinking, using logic and finally ascertaining that the financial world works differently than is generally assumed. I would like to clarify this using an example: The stock market value is too often equated to the company value, which leads to an erroneous expectation.

The zapping investor is emerging
Algemeen Dagblad

The zapping investor, one who is constantly switching from one information source to the other, is emerging. He is adjusting his portfolio at lightning speed, with one press of a button, every day, every hour. The ‘stock soccer’ of the 21st century is still in its primitive phase but the ‘flash money’ will travel across the world in rapidly increasing amounts and at lightning speed. The search for the hotspot with the highest return, even if only for a second, becomes more and more efficient.
“Call it ‘Stocktendo’. Playing pinball with the buttons, as on a game computer.”

Investor of the 21st century is an e-trader: Koornwinder foresees digital flash economy
Dagblad Zaanstreek

Koornwinder foresees so many changes in the “diginomy” that she believes there should be a ministry of ICT. “Preferably with Roel Pieper as minister. The dot-commers, cyber minds, whizz-kids, e-traders, etc, are up now.” She compares the current high-tech landslides with the discovery of the light bulb which changed society and life. People were no longer restricted to working during daytime, they could work in the factory when it was dark outside. “In a way, the computer has the same function as the clay tablet once did.”

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