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Koornwinder Convention. Grand Hotel Amsterdam, 2010

TV-show 'Anno Joosten' 1995

Circles of Knowledge Conference
Marlborough College 2011

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Media endorsements

These extracts from articles in the financial press show how Herma Koornwinder gained credibility and validation in the media due to the accuracy of her analysis and forecasts and the successful management of her portfolios. Herma is grateful to the media for providing her with a public platform.

Head and shoulders
NRC Handelsblad

Herma Koornwinder is a remarkably active analyst from Heeze, a small place near Eindhoven. Since early 1986 she has been analyzing the freakish nature of the stock exchanges in Amsterdam, the United States and Germany, without any sponsors, like an unpaid top sportsman.

The Hallelujah effect
Mees Bulletin

…you hardly ever hear the unequivocal announcement of a recession, a depression, a bear market or a crash. A welcome exception to this sad rule is established by Mrs Koornwinder…

Wall Street recovers from blow
De Financiële Telegraaf

One of the first experts who dared to express her prediction was Elaine Garzarelli of Shearson Lehman Brothers. Back then, she and the Dutch Herma Koornwinder were the only ones who saw Black Monday coming.

Koornwinder: technical analysis fighting against disbelief
Het Financieele Dagblad

Usually, Koornwinder’s analysis is so far ahead, that it is often met by a wall of disbelief.

Numerous answers possible to what private investors should do…
Beursplein 5

Dutch technical analyst Herma Koornwinder has made extraordinarily accurate predictions over the last couple of years. She foresaw the consequences the Gulf War would have on the financial markets and her prognoses about the Tokyo stock exchange were also spot on.

The European Garzarelli

Our ‘Expert of the Week’ Herma Koornwinder gave her vision on the international markets once before, during the Gulf war past year. Several readers valued her smart analysis, as well as her clear and correct advice. And most importantly, they turned out to be completely correct.

Hunt for the promising stock
Arts & Auto

Asset managers, stock market gurus, analysts, account managers, stock brokers and stubborn journalists are not allowed to speak their mind in this article with regard to their predictions for the New Year. However, we will make an exception for one notable statement. In the NCVB Magazine, the previously mentioned Mrs. Koornwinder says that spreading to prevent risk is becoming outdated.

Trend-watcher Koornwinder wants to rid technical analysis of its negative image
Beleggers Belangen

He who wants to keep believing that technical analysis is not a good basis for investment decisions, should not talk to Mrs. H.M.C. Koornwinder. There is a great chance that she will convince him otherwise.

Protect stock positions: Mrs Koornwinder warns based on own system
Beleggers Belangen

Given the good score of Mrs. Koornwinder up until now, we believed it to be useful to let her express her vision.

Koornwinder: Take the Profits
Beleggers Belangen

Over the years, Mrs Koornwinder has developed a unique worldwide analytical system, based partly on technical analysis, a system that, through advice given to institutional investors and recommendations made to others, has been shown to work well.

'Stock market guru' Herma Koornwinder is often right
Brabants Dagblad

Dutch Herma Koornwinder saw – somewhat to her own surprise – the stock market crash of October 1987 coming. Since then her controversial predictions have been right virtually every time.

Spotlight on women and technology
Brochure women and technology

Herma Koornwinder is a remarkable woman who found her own way through the financial world as a revolutionary.

Self-made stock market guru has solution for pensions
Arnhemse Courant

Herma Koornwinder, self-made investment expert from the Dutch town of Heeze spent years developing a method that exceeds the results of the most renowned portfolio managers: Koornwinder Global Market Navigation (KGMN).This is remarkable since more and more investment experts became convinced over the past years that, regardless of their strategy, they could never beat the indexes in the long term.

Upcoming financial trends scanned using advanced computer and information technology
Trends – Cash!

In 1995, Herma and her followers are already using the investment technology of the 21st century.

A splendid outperformance – Herma Koornwinder: an investment advisor who puts her head above the parapet
Management Team

Herma Koornwinder really pulled something off in January 1994. While every analyst was still cheering after the great investment year 1993 and the majority of consultants were encouraging investors to invest even more as the interest would certainly keep sliding, she warned in an article in the magazine Beleggers Belangen on January 24th of that year that her system indicated that people should reckon with counter- pressure … Sceptical observers persist in their belief that Herma Koornwinder has been very lucky; to this the self-made analyst shrugs her shoulders. For the time being, she deserves at least the benefit of the doubt. After all, she has demonstrably out-performed the markets for quite a period of time.

Investment night Rabobank huge success
Soester Courant

Mrs Koornwinder, currently the most renowned stock market analyst of the Netherlands, gave a lecture on the principles of technical analysis.

Herma Koornwinder, a Dutch guru. Outperforming the market is possible
Beleggers Belangen

From the Dutch town of Heeze, analyst Herma Koornwinder has been achieving remarkable investment performances again and again for years.

Interview with Mrs Herma Koornwinder, Dutch stock market guru

The Netherlands has an actual stock market guru in the person of Mrs Herma Koornwinder of Koornwinder Global Market Navigation (KGMN) in the Dutch town of Heeze.

Herma Koornwinder, a Cassandra in a digital world?

…in Herma’s professional field, it is important to have a wider scientific insight into the cohesion of factors. With that, she beats the stock market indexes and predicts breakthroughs and turning points on the international financial markets.

Maverick KGMN partners up with securities firm Stroeve
Het Financieele Dagblad

Herma Koornwinder, of Koornwinder Global Market Navigation (KGMN), is an outsider in the investment world. For years she has been battling time-honoured investment profundities. Her own model meets a lot of scepticism from established analysts. But the time seems ripe for her ideas.

Market undercurrents: The key to good results
Beursplein 5

It could very well be that Koornwinder belongs to the small group of large money managers that seriously outperforms the market on a regular basis.

Rabobank Groningen and Environs provides insight into investments
Own edition Rabobank

Mrs H Koornwinder is one of the most successful and interesting investment consultants. Her advice often is controversial and different from popular belief. However, her particular method appears to be very lucrative.

Investment analyst Herma Koornwinder overthrows traditional investment wisdom
De Tijd (Belgium)

Herma Koornwinder, creator of the stock market system Koornwinder Global Market Navigation (KGMN), is a remarkable figure in Dutch financial circles.

'Self-made' stock-market guru predicted depression again
Diverse ANP Dagbladen

What makes the analysis method of Mrs. H. Koornwinder so unique? Put simply, it is because she introduces techniques of the 21st century into the 20th century. In contradiction to most investment consultants, she optimally uses the possibilities of the electronic highway.

The dissident vision of Herma Koornwinder

Although not everyone shares her vision, Koornwinder’s star is rising.

Herma Koornwinder: Old stock-market wisdom is obsolete
GPD Dagbladen

…the Koornwinder Global Market Navigation (KGMN) has provided better investment results on a regular basis since 1989 than the applicable averages. Koornwinder’s vision, that investing has irreversibly entered a new era, was laughed away in investment circles when she first announced it. However, recently, Rabo CEO Wijffels seems inclined to share her vision. And even Robeco has started a trial with investment models that deviate from popular ideals…

Investment signals
Perspekt (ABN AMRO)

The Dutch stock market guru Herma Koornwinder is expressing her opinions more and more, especially since she had her predictions over the past five years verified by accountancy agency Deloitte & Touche, which concluded that she succeeded in outperforming the leading stock market indicators time after time, whether in a bull or bear market. Without any formal investment background, Koornwinder developed her own instrument, the Global Market Navigator, which tracks down trends and predicts them.

A fund according to the Koornwinder system

In America she would have been famous by now, in the Netherlands that takes much longer. But even here she is finally breaking through despite the disbelief of fancy Amsterdam analysts.

Guru for sale – Herma Koornwinder, the Dutch miracle, wants to sell system

The Dutch investment miracle is selling… After years of reading and studying, Koornwinder developed a dynamic, all-embracing investment model with which she claims to be able to predict stock market movements.

1999 – Autumn
Outdated knowledge equals impotence
S@fe (Robeco)

A prophet is not honoured in his or her own country. A truth that Herma Koornwinder – investment expert and visionary in the investment domain from the Dutch town of Heeze – has experienced for years.

Small investor holds his breath
Eindhovens Dagblad

Dutch stock market expert H Koornwinder alerted us to the ‘great danger of banking’ as early as during the bull market of February 2000.

Investing on the crest of a wave
Het Financieele Dagblad

Over a period of 10 years, Koornwinder was able to make correctly, with one exception, all predictions about price drops higher than 10%, always using one and the same model. She also predicted the Black Monday of October 1987. In early 1991, at the time of the first Gulf War, when the whole financial world was most negative, she was optimistic about share prices. In January 1990, she warned some ten institutional investors of a crisis in Japan, and just before the burst of the internet bubble, on February 10 [2000], she gave a talk at an Amsterdam convention about the risks of using conventional models for asset management of retirement funds.

The deciphered future
Eindhovens Dagblad

In 2000, she turned her back on the investment world, but continued her own research. Now the time has come to reveal her amazing discoveries to the world.