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Vision and Vortex

Filming with Herma in England July 2-7, 2011

by Geoff Ward
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the world as mystics and shamans, or the great visionary poets and painters, have seen it in their most transcendent moments? To see human energy fields merge and flow with those of nature in dazzling intensity? Now maybe you can. This is a way of suggesting, in a few words, the fascinating potential of the New Energy Vision (NEV) software developed by Harry Oldfield who was a star performer of Herma's second spell of filming in 2011.

     Ever since hearing about Harry's poly-contrast interference photography (PIP) from dowser Elizabeth Brown at the British Society of Dowsers annual conference in September 2010, Herma had been keen to feature him in her documentary series and see his system in operation. NEV supercedes PIP which, like Professor Korotkov's GDV system, was a development from Kirlian photography, as previously described. But we were far from prepared for the outcome of Harry's demonstration of NEV to us in Wiltshire, nor its possible implications for how we humans see ourselves, our planet and the universe – how we, as energy beings, are like vortices in a cosmic 'energy ocean'. It seems to me that, with NEV, it could be possible to model visually the mystical and the aesthetic experience (the mechanisms of which I believe to be essentially the same), as well as other mental states, and the accompanying changes in consciousness involved.  
     Harry's revolutionary software program renders visible the interaction of light with the subtle and hitherto invisible energies of our world. He has found a way of capturing on video, or in still photographs, what happens when photons – the sub-atomic particles, or energy packets, which 'carry' light – enter and leave the quantum energy fields surrounding us, allowing the interaction, and the effect of the human mind upon it, to be observed for the first time. Harry hit on the idea that the human energy field could interfere with photons in some way; he concluded that light would be affected both when the incident ray travelled towards the object and when it was reflected away, and he devised a computer program to analyse the different light intensities surrounding a person or an object being scanned. He believes he is revealing an energy interaction with light, giving us an insight into ‘the energy counterpart, the etheric template on which our physical molecules are strung’. All the atoms in the human body are replaced every seven to nine years: think of the body not as a physical structure, Harry says, but as a fountain of molecules constantly being replaced. He thinks it is an organising template of energy that keeps the molecules in a coherent, recognisable form.

Harry Oldfield
Harry Oldfield, his fiancee Evy and Herma
near Silbury Hill
     With Harry’s system, a person, object or scene is viewed on a computer screen using an internal or USB webcam or live streaming feeds; this data is then run through the program, allowing NEV stills or videos to be captured from this footage.

     NEV 'colour-codes' the different energy levels, or 'frequencies', arising from the photonic interactions, which are outside the range of normal human perception, and thus invisible in the original images.

     The colours you see in the subsequent NEV images are not those of the energy patterns themselves, of course; various filters show different ranges of colour.
     The filter which so impressed us during Harry’s demonstration was one of many he has developed with the help of a group of clairvoyants and mystics to simulate the colours they see in their otherworldly 'visions', and the effects are certainly striking. 

     It was interesting for me to learn that one of these psychic advisors had Central American connections, and another Afro-Caribbean – for, immediately, I had noticed how the colours were exactly those of artworks depicting the theogenic visions experienced under the influence of ayahuasca and ibogaine, substances derived from psychotropic plants which grow in Central and South America and West Africa and which have been used by tribal shamans for millennia. Again reminiscent of the Korotkov GDV technique, Harry can also identify ‘chakra colours’: if a chakra is in perfect condition, one colour will predominate, for example, the throat chakra glows blue when it is balanced, and the base chakra is a muddy brown if there are problems and red if healthy. 
The chakras, and acupuncture points and meridian channels, might form the most significant aspects of the NEV image, but there are other factors, as we saw. 

     Harry says he has no ‘gifts of vision’ himself, and relies on his instruments for insight into these secret realms. He 
is very proud of the various fields in which NEV is being used, from holistic health assessment to psychical research:  in alternative and complementary medicine, where the very essence of a remedy can be shown, for example, in analysing ‘sick environment syndrome’ in people’s homes, and in university science departments and medical institutions.  Scanning a client enables a practitioner to make an energy field assessment that can lead to a better understanding of that person's health trajectory, he says. Colours may be vibrant, bright and vivid when a person is in a state of well-being, and speckled, dissipated, smudged, dull, pallid or burnt when he or she is in a state of imbalance. People can be scanned before, during and after treatment and see differences in their energy field and how it is responding to energy and treatments, allowing positive visual reinforcement as well as active bio-feedback. Some acupuncturists have found NEV useful to show meridians, some healers like to show general fields, and some reflexologists like to show maps of feet. The preventative aspect is relevant, because in many cases imbalances show up before physical symptoms manifest, says Harry.

Our afternoon of seeing how NEV worked began with control photos of Herma being taken as a first step. She sat in a chair against a plain wall in one of the hotel’s lounges while Harry pointed a hand-held webcam at her and Evy captured still images on a laptop computer. Asked to alter her state of consciousness, Harry noted a dramatic change of energy in the NEV images which he considered ‘quite remarkable’. At first they had shown light and vibrant colours surrounding Herma, but now they were full of brooding dark blues and maroons and ominous black patches. Afterwards, Herma told me she had first been thinking of the Aramaic version of the Lord’s Prayer, and then of the 9/11 catastrophe. The implication was that Herma’s mind was affecting not only her aura, which contracted at the thought of 9/11, but also the energy fields around her. After this, we set out for Herma’s familiar prehistoric ‘testing ground’ around Avebury to record landscape images near Silbury Hill. Harry shot control footage on a camcorder which was then interpreted by the NEV software, and the results were certainly remarkable when we gathered to view them back at the hotel. Silbury Hill pulsated with glowing energy interactions and, at the West Kennet long barrow, cascades of energy swirled between Herma and the megaliths at the entrance to the monument. At the Sanctuary nearby – originally circles of timber posts dating to 3000BC, later replaced by stones, and integral to the Avebury complex – purple energy vortices and spirals abounded, dynamically linking the marked positions of the original posts and stones and eddying towards the centre. Herma’s physical energy connection with the site was vividly portrayed, displaying dramatically just the kind of energy exchange that goes on unnoticed between people and the earth. Herma was delighted, hugging Harry and exclaiming: ‘I knew it!’ Here was powerful evidence of the unseen energies she had been dowsing at ancient sites, and she arranged immediately to acquire NEV software from Harry so that she could carry out more in-depth research with the system.

     Harry, a loquacious, larger-than-life character, had arrived in Marlborough from Porthmadog in North Wales the previous evening with his New Zealander fiancee Evy who takes care of the business side of his enterprises, and they joined us for dinner at our favourite French restaurant in the High Street. With his red braces, baggy suit, unruly mop of hair and quirky commentary on life (not to mention his car number plate sporting the letters ‘LAB’), he cuts an eccentric figure. 'This was my suit for the Germans,' he announced, explaining that he had recently returned from a conference in Germany. 'We British have to keep up appearances, you know! I'll be changing into my Indiana Jones gear when we go out into the field.' Germany, evidently, had had the honour of joining Australia as the two countries most enthusiastic about Harry's work which he travels the globe to promote. Indeed, Harry finds more recognition overseas than in the UK where science is ‘very conservative’, he says, when it comes to fields of research such as his.

     Waiting for our orders, he entertained us with a portable observation device, a hand-held computer which demonstrates NEV: holding it in front of you, you see a moving image of yourself as a polychromatic energy field. This was passed round the table avidly. Harry also added colour to what we already knew about his background: how, one night at the Rollright Stones on the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border, during his work with the Dragon Project in the 1970s, he encountered Black Shep, a phantom hound said to guard the megaliths.  The Dragon Project (latterly the Dragon Project Trust) was launched in 1977 to bring together dowsers, scientists and other technical experts to investigate energy effects at megalithic sites, primarily the Rollrights - so one can see how far back Harry's interest goes in the investigation of unseen energy fields. Anyway, Harry thought it was a big black farmdog that had bounded up to him as he was trying to attach an electrode to one of the megaliths. 'I went to stroke him, and it was like putting my hand in a freezer,' he said. 'He bared his fangs. But I told him I was there to learn from the stones, not to harm them, and he vanished.' Another of the many tales of the unexpected you get to hear from Harry is how blowing up a science lab when he was a teacher made him the pupils' favourite. 'They were queuing up for my classes after that!' he beamed. The headmaster allowed him to launch an after-school science club as long as he didn't blow up the school!

     In our interview with Harry the next morning, he began by telling us how he traced the origin of his inquiring mind back to the age of three when, putting his finger in a ray of sunlight coming through his grandmother’s window, he asked why it didn’t break the glass – not long before, he had seen a ball break a window. ‘You could say I have been wondering about that question ever since,’ he said. Later, as a science teacher, his interest in Kirlian photography formed the basis for a subject at his school science club.


Harry Oldfield
Harry and Herma at the West Kennet long barrow

     Harry's pioneering work in Kirlian photography in the 1970s, in which electrons and electro-luminescence integrating with subtle energy fields produced the Kirlian picture, led him to theorise on the connections between photons and electrons in the sense of quantum energy packets. Eventually, he went further than Kirlian two-dimensional pictures to visualise the energy fields in three-dimensions. 
     He did produce 3D Kirlian cameras from his research at that time, but they had operational difficulties (using huge Tesla coils, for example), and so he developed a software program to get round the problem.

     Today, he has his own laboratory – referred to by students as ‘Merlin’s workshop’ – on the Telford campus of the University of Wolverhampton where he has been involved in diverse areas of research including microscopy, smoke masks, non-reactive body armour and local weather modification. ‘It is a kind of sorcerer’s workshop,’ he admitted, ‘But in the best possible way!’

     To orthodox science, mind and brain are the same, and intelligence a psycho-chemical effect – the materialist, reductionist view – but we are more than the sum of our parts, Harry insists. He hopes that science will realise that its aim should not be to dominate the planet, but to serve it, and move towards spiritual values for the benefit of all living things. We are not owners of the planet but custodians of it, he points out. He believes there is a natural communication system within the ecosphere, an ‘earth-net’ or world energy grid: ‘The earth may even be self-conscious and reacting to everything on its surface. As human beings, we are an interface between heavenly and human energy forces.’

     Harry thinks we have to get back to the kind of mindset that existed before the ‘Age of Reason’ turned natural philosophy into ‘science’. Quantum physics and consciousness studies could return us to the holistic viewpoint traceable back to the ancient world. In line with quantum science, Harry believes that the observer of an experiment changes the observation with his or her consciousness and intent: ‘A person’s conscious intent can dictate the outcome of events. You can change reality around you. It’s not just simply mind over matter but events can be changed by what people think and their conscious intent, for good or bad.’ He concurs with the notion of the primacy of the human imagination in invention and its potential to transform reality.

     ‘We are beginning to see how mystics and clairvoyants have seen for thousands of years. We are moved by earthly and universal tides. We are living in an ocean of unseen energy both earthly and cosmic and from every human being. We are not separate from this energy, we are all interconnected. I think the earth is a living being of energy and we are connected with it. The earth shows off its own energy centres – we call them ancient sacred sites.’ He added: ‘I spent years looking to see how photon energy could produce interference patterns with the subtle energy fields it travels through. I’ve been engaged on this work for 25 years and I don’t believe I have even scratched the surface. Nature is continuing to show me wonderful things.’ 

     Tim Walter and I had cast anchor in Marlborough the previous Saturday, along with Sean Martin who had travelled down from Edinburgh for a progress meeting with Herma. She had checked in at the hotel a couple of days before us – this was often her practice on shoots, allowing her to relax into the locality before the hectic round of interviews and filming began. On the Saturday evening, we’d arranged to have dinner at Brasserie Gerard with Maria Wheatley to discuss ideas for filming with her and fellow author Busty Taylor, the crop circles and UFO researcher, in a few days’ time. Maria and Busty are professional dowsers intent on proving beyond reasonable doubt, both to sceptics and the archaeological fraternity, the existence of powerful earth-energy geometries. Maria also teaches a variety of holistic courses, including past-life regression, reflexology and dowsing. Her father, the late Dennis Wheatley, a master dowser who studied the geodetic system of earth energies discovered by Guy Underwood and became a world authority on it, taught Maria how to locate and dowse earth energies in the landscape, and she has been studying them since the mid-1990s. After many years of research in the Avebury area, she published her findings in Avebury Sun, Moon and Earth (2008), co-authored with Busty; in the book she explains how the stones convey energy from the earth, a process she says has been proved by the use of sensitive electromagnetic detecting equipment. Herma was interested in some work Maria had done with Busty and electronics expert Rodney Hale using a wide-band radio frequency receiver to detect levels of energy in one of the Avebury megaliths. They found a low signal at ground level which increased as the detector, a rod aerial, was moved up the stone. This corresponded with the spiralling energy bands in standing stones which are familiar to dowsers (and which Jim Lyons had demonstrated to us at the West Kennet Avenue in June), and Rodney recorded the audible ‘noise’ fluctuations, the stone’s own ‘signature tune’. We were to interview Rodney, too, later in the week. All this was ideal for Herma’s film about researchers and, of course, it kept her Avebury theme central.

     Sunday was Lucy Pringle’s annual crop-circle research day, Herma’s filming of which had been arranged earlier in the year. 

Research day
Tim films Herma dowsing crop circle photos at the start of Lucy Pringle's research day

     About a dozen of us met at the Avebury and District Club on the edge of the henge, including Hazel Drummond, a homeopath and nutritionist who uses the Asyra biofeedback system, and Julia Speare-Cole, an osteopath and colour therapist, who were to be the key ‘technicians’ of the day.  Jim Lyons was there, along with other dowsers, and two guests who, along with Lucy and Herma, comprised the four ‘guinea pigs’ for testing – Hazel and Julia would assess their conditions before and after entering a crop circle. Unfortunately, a neuro-scientist, an electronics expert and a GDV camera specialistr all failed to turn up as expected and Lucy was disappointed at having to narrow the scope of her day’s research as a result. And about to film the preparations, Tim found that the on/off switch on his camera wasn’t working, a mysterious glitch similar to one that had occurred on the May/June shoot; the problem righted itself but caused a bewildered Tim to remark once again: ‘I’ve never seen that before!’ Filming with Herma, as Sean found out in 2010, has its surprises where camera equipment is concerned.

Hazel Hazel
Hazel Drummond tests Herma with the Asyra bio-feedback device
  Hazel Drummond tests Jim Lyons while Lucy Pringle takes a photo and Bob Sephton looks on 

     By dowsing aerial photographs of recent crop circles, it was decided to go to the latest one below the Barbury Castle hill camp, near Wroughton, south of Swindon, which had been reported only the day before. Target shooting was taking place on the hillside above as we walked out to the formation, quite a neat one in a pattern of nested crescents with two outlying or ‘satellite’ swags – Herma’s dowsing rods turned to follow the lay of the crop and spun in the centre of the circle, which was a good omen.

     Julia had lugged out the portable bed which she was using to examine her ‘patients’, and Hazel her Asyra monitoring equipment.

Julia Speare-Cole and Didi Egerton-Warburton (on bed) in the Barbury Castle crop circle

     A copper rod held in each hand is connected to a device which can then measure the energetic state of internal organs, food sensitivities, environmental sensitivities, nutritional needs, hormonal balance and toxin response, among many other things. Like the GDV camera, Asyra brings together computer science and traditional Chinese medicine: the state of acupuncture meridians, and thus also the energetic health of the body, is assessed by observing changes in the electrical resistance of the skin.

Scene at Barbury Castle crop circle with Herma on osteopath bed
Scene at Barbury Castle crop circle with Lucy Pringle, centre 

     Hazel made three tests in all, one at the clubhouse, one in the crop circle and another in a parking area outside the field. Both she and Julia noted positive changes in the four subjects once they had entered the formation, although the pair admitted that these could have been due to anticipation or mood on the part of those being tested, or to just being in the open air in the countryside on a fine summer’s day – in other words, environmental factors unrelated to the crop circle. 

     ‘There could have been expectations – it was sunny, fun, but I would say that if there was a place I’d like to give treatment it would be there,’ said Julia afterwards, evidently having picked up on positive energies of some kind. ‘It was a very interesting day.’ In Hazel’s case, detailed analysis of the measurements she took would have to take place later over a period of time. But it was immediately apparent that Herma’s toxin level had dropped to zero once she was  in the crop circle, a particularly interesting result bearing in mind what had happened in Holland, at Op Hodenpijl and at the two GDV seminars, where her near-perfect chakra read-outs had caused such a stir. Back at the parking area, Herma’s toxin levels were up again.

Scene at Barbury Castle crop circle with Tim filming Herma on bed

Wednesday was the day for the interviews with Rodney and Maria. Rodney, 78, was driven to Marlborough from his home near Bedford by his daughter, and they met us at our hotel at mid-morning. 

     Like Harry Oldfield, Rodney, a dowser as well as a chartered engineer, was also involved in the Dragon Project in the late 1970s. Using a geigercounter which he made himself, and which is many times more powerful than standard models, Rodney began measuring changes in radiation at public events in 1993. He started by monitoring meditation groups where he found that changes in energy levels once meditation had begun were continuously outside chance, in other words, not random. Subsequently, with the geigercounter placed in a garage at his home and left to run for hours at a time, he took readings at the times of major sporting occasions, royal events, including the marriage of Prince Andrew and Kate Middleton in 2011, and of the 9/11 anniversary, and recorded similar results, noting especially how readings peaked when emotions surged.
     Rodney also worked with a physiotherapist healer and his patients where readings always changed at the beginning and end of some 50 sessions monitored.

Rodney at Avebury with dowsing rods
     Clearly, there are parallels here with the GDV camera that can measure the psycho-emotional energies given off of by gatherings of people, and the NEV program which can display the interaction of human energies with those of the environment.

     Rodney’s custom-made geigercounter is yet another means of producing evidence for the existence of subtle energy fields and of the mind’s influence on events.


Rodney at Ivy House Hotel with Tim, Herma and Geoff

     ‘I query whether “random” is actually random,’ said Rodney. ‘You can talk about randomness or chance but, when you accumulate more and more readings over the years, you have to accept that mental attitude or human emotion affects the counts on the geigercounter. The sensitivity of the geigercounter is being affected so the measurements are increased or decreased by a small amount. It’s the effect of human intent, what the brain is radiating.’

     Interestingly, Rodney used his geigercounter to survey the Sanctuary for Maria, and exceptionally high levels of radiation were found at the centre of the site, with much lower levels at the edge, suggesting, as with Harry Oldfield’s preliminary NEV findings from the same location, an energy vortex.

     Rodney believes that quantum science is showing that humans and their minds are ‘entangled’ with the universe, and that it is possible for us to communicate with it by means other than the conventional, such as light, sound or radio, the typical media measured by science. Like Jim Lyons, he thinks science will change to accommodate such a view in coming years. ‘I think we are all connected with the universe,’ Rodney added. ‘The golden age of neuroscience is now passing and it’s the start of new thinking that will explain telepathy and so on. Now I’ve got this far with my work it’s what the rest of my life is for, however long that might be. We have the means to communicate with the environment.’

     After meeting at the Red Lion, Avebury, for a hasty lunch, we went amid the stones to film with Busty and Maria.

     It was a wild, bright afternoon, with high winds furiously raking the site.

Busty taylor and Herma at the Devil's chair,

     First, Busty explained how he and Maria made the discovery in 2004 of how someone sitting in the recess of the Devil’s Chair megalith, when the stone circle was originally built, would have been looking in the direction of the midwinter solstice sunrise and sunset. They uncovered the fact that the bank which now blocks such a view was built only 200 years ago to prevent people avoiding a toll gate. Busty thus likened the stone rather to a Druid’s Chair which could have been used by a high priest or shaman as part of a seasonal ritual.

     Maria’s father first brought her to the ‘megalithic temple’ of Avebury when she was about 10 years old, and explained to her how the stones could absorb and transmit energy. He showed her how to connect with the stones by using her hands as well as dowsing rods. Now, Maria took us to the stone in the southern inner circle used in the radio-frequency experiment with Rodney Hale so that Herma could dowse its energy bands for herself – two below ground and five above, making the typical seven altogether. What Herma would be detecting was earth energy being converted by the stone into an ‘aerial’ energy, said Maria. Energy was transmitted from earth to stone, and between stones over a distance – ‘as if talking to one another’; these energies were affected by lunar phases and could cause dramatic physical effects in humans, such as being repelled from or drawn into a stone. And nine times out of ten, a standing stone was situated on a spiral pattern of earth energy. Over the years, leading dowsers including Guy Underwood, Dennis Wheatley, Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst, had agreed that the strongest earth energy pattern was a ‘geo-spiral’ comprising seven, 14 or 21 coils which could force other energy lines, in and above the ground, to turn. ‘It truly is a power in the land,’ said Maria, reminding one straight away of the energy swirls and spirals we had seen in the NEV images.

Tim films Herma and Maria Wheatley
     Moving on to the site of the former Obelisk Stone – so called by the 18th-century antiquarian William Stukeley – which once stood near the centre of the southern inner circle, Maria explained that this stone had been placed above a seven-coil geo-spiral associated closely with underground water, and she invited Herma to dowse the coils with her.

     ‘The spiral pattern marks water that is chemically produced by the earth,’ said Maria. ‘We call it goddess water, or yin water, it’s perpetual, it’s constantly being made by Mother Earth right in the depths of her womb. You can find this geo-spiral pattern marking that holy, sacred water. Here at Avebury it’s particularly strong.’ Maria’s theory was that underground water emitted an electromagnetic signal that interacted with the earth’s magnetic field and was absorbed by a standing stone and transmitted. The geo-spiral was fundamental to the ‘energetic quality’ of a stone circle or a crop circle. She thought the ancients recognised healing qualities in geo-spirals because they built their settlements and temples on them; in fact, animals recognised these qualities because research had shown they liked to give birth to their young above them: ‘Throughout the natural world, animals are intuitively drawn to this pattern and, likewise, the ancients found it exceptionally important.’

     Herma asked for Maria’s view on why this ancient wisdom had become lost or made secret. Maria believed it had been handed down from the Druids probably to the Knights Templar and then to the medieval masonic brotherhoods who carefully but secretly integrated it into the construction of churches and cathedrals across Europe.

     Maria also showed us a nearby marker stone, believed to be the site of the final stone to be erected at Avebury, where she had discovered ‘an outpouring of new energy’ which she connected with the long-distance Michael and Mary energy lines dowsed across southern England by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst – written about in their book The Sun and the Serpent (1990) – and today firmly embedded in British dowsing lore.
Maria Wheatley and Herma at Avebury megalith

     Having dowsed Avebury for about 20 years, Maria said she knew its energy system like the back of her hand but, over the past five years, ‘something very intriguing and different’ had been occurring. ‘Here, at this point, it’s like the earth energy is outpouring, new earth energy coming out into Avebury,’ she told Herma. ‘It’s probably intimately connected with the Mary and Michael lines. Mary and Michael conjoin here, they flow together through the southern portal stones, and it’s very intriguing that this third line, this new line, is being born from Mary and Michael. Could it be related to Mary and Michael? Could it be Mary and Michael that are outpouring this energy? I don’t have those answers, but what I do know is this new earth energy is connected to very ancient lines, and I’d like to think, in a symbolic way, that this is the new child of the Aquarian Age being born of Mary and Michael.’

     This was a fitting vision on which to conclude the week’s filming, emblematic, as it seemed to be, of collective psychic catalysis affecting human consciousness in the millennial world, even of a cosmic ‘changing of the guards’ bearing the promise of a rebirth of the ancient wisdom.