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  • Documentary 1

    Earth Energies:
    Pyramids and Power Centres

    Egypt, April/May 2009 

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  • Documentary 2

    Messages from Beyond:
    Crop Circles and Megaliths

    Great Britain, July 2009 

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  • Documentary 3

    Temples and Spirals:
    Patterns of the Hidden Order

    Egypt, October/November 2009 

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  • Documentary 4

    Cosmic City:
    Sacred Geometry and Washington DC

    USA, March 2010 

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  • Documentary 5

    Sea of Knowledge:
    Alexandria and the Ancient Wisdom

    Egypt, April 2010 

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  • Documentary 6

    Ancient Geometers:
    The Amazing Discoveries of Tom Brooks

    Great Britain, July 2010 

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  • Documentary 7

    Symbols of Transformation:
    Crop Circles and Megaliths Revisited

    Great Britain, July, August/September 2010 

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  • Documentary 8

    Holistic Living:
    Dowsing for Health and Harmony

    Great Britain, July, August/September 2010 

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  • Documentary 9

    Reinventing the Human:
    Pioneers of Research I

    Great Britain and Holland, May, June, July and August 2011 

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  • Documentary 10

    Reinventing the Human:
    Pioneers of Research II

    Great Britain and Holland, May, June, July and August, 2011 

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    Koornwinder Convention. Grand Hotel Amsterdam, 2010

    TV-show 'Anno Joosten' 1995

    Circles of Knowledge Conference
    Marlborough College 2011

    Nabta Playa Desert, Egypt
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    Independent researcher, explorer and former global market analyst Herma Koornwinder invites you to share her vision and her thrilling journey of discovery

    MARKET ENERGIES - While working as a global market analyst, Herma's system helped her to consistently predict, with great accuracy, the rises and falls of stock markets over a period of ten years in the 1980s and 1990s (verified 1989-94 by Deloitte & Touche). It also allowed her timing - selling when prices were high and buying when they were low - to be successful despite the so-called randomness of markets. All this was after she discovered that movements of stock prices were governed by an underlying order, a 'forcefield' of energies that expressed itself through number sequences as geometrical patterns and symmetry. Finding the answer to the question of how such energies could govern the market mechanism became more important to Herma than continuing solely as a market analyst, so she retired from that occupation to conduct wider research based on her integral world-view. >>

    EARTH ENERGIES - Dedicated to researching this 'forcefield' phenomenon in the stock markets, Herma discovered the energies were the same in crop circles and in the positioning of stone circles, pyramids, temples, mosques and churches. The next questions Herma wanted to answer were: what were the invisible energy forces that led to the formation of crop circles and their geometry? >>

    COSMIC ENERGIES – The cosmos, all of nature, is composed of energy fields which reveal themselves in number and geometry. It has been said that ‘God is a mathematician’ and, if so, he is particularly fond of the spiral form and the Golden Ratio which occur throughout nature. Can we enter the minds of the ancients through an understanding of their architecture and geometry and their system of ‘divine proportion’? Consciousness, and not materiality, may be the ground of all existence in the universe. Are we facing a collective awakening and an era of ‘super-consciousness’ due to changes in solar and interstellar energies affecting the Earth? >>

    DOCUMENTARIES - In a series of film documentaries about her quest to find the answers to profound questions such as these, Herma visits ancient sites around the world and talks with local and internationally renowned experts about their latest findings. The documentaries will be released, she says, ‘to make the unknowable known’. They are part of a major multi-media project embracing this website and a forthcoming book. >> 

    Ancient science and 21st-century ICT: the key to the hidden structures of the universe
    The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner but that they reflect a certain underlying order, which may or may not be divinely inspired.
    Stephen Hawking
    Plato and other initiated writers allude to a strange mystical science … no longer openly practised…… Its secrets were long preserved by the priests of old Egypt. It was, they said, the instrument by which they had maintained their civilization unchanged and with the same high cultural standards, for many thousands of years.
    John Michell
    There’s much to learn from the wisdom and technology of our distant
    ancestors that could improve our lives today… Herma Koornwinder is in
    the forefront of this new understanding.
    Geoff Ward